Dispatching Fascination of Ryukyuan Koto music to the world

Dispatching Fascination of Ryukyuan Koto music to the world
Public Performance scheduled by Koto Preservation Group
(Okinawa Times, June 4, '08, Translation: Robert Kishaba)
There is a move among koto performers to look over the charm of Ryukyuan traditional koto and to spread it more widely to gain people's interest. Koto has been developed and played as an accompaniment. Sadao Nakamine, vice-president of the Ryukyu Koto music preservation group, who conducted a solo recital first time in March, said that the koto is the instrument possessing a great potentiality of fascination, I am expecting new musics are composed from koto and I hope good melody be a koten (classic).

The public performance "Koto no sekai" is planned and sponsored by the National Theater "Okinawa" showing at 2 PM, June 7, this performance is also pushing the move. This will be the first time that koto is playing the leading role in this theater. There will be traditional and newly composed musics with the theme of koto's charm and potentiality. Also there will be dance, chorus, and cooperative performance with western instruments.

Performers will be from the Okinawa traditional music koto preservation group which has been designated as an intangible cultural treasure by the prefecture government, also from Rozebokku (?) and members of the Koto Eensemble Ryukyu. Miyagi Fumi, consultant of the groups, enthusiastically told that we want to show the skill of well known players and promote koto play to a higher level.

Nakazato Chieko, the representative of Rozebokku
group looking for a development to new direction, said that we enjoy playing koto in the leading role, we want to play pleasing music in such a way that younger generations accept them as well. Onaga Yoko who is a leader of younger generations in the Koto Ensemble said, in high spirits, that we want audience to hear our cooperative play of Ryukyuan and Japanese koto.

For any questions concerning "Koto no sekai", contact the National Theater "okinawa", tel 098(871)3350.