Governor Nakaima of Okinawa visited Hawaii

Governor Nakaima Hirokazu of Okinawa Prefecture who has been visiting US since November 4 attended the reception held at the Okinawa Center at 6:30 PM on Nov. 9. He chat with people of Hawaii's Uchinanchu communities. While he is in Hawaii, he visited the newly established Okinawa Study Center in UH Manoa.

The governor inclined to expand exchange with the Okinawan community in Hawaii, he expressed his desire for visit in the near future. According to Mr Miyagi Zentaro, Governor's Secretary, the governor met Senator Daniel Inoue, an representatives of Defense Dept.and State Dept and discussed the Japanese-US Status of Force Agreement (SOFA) which administer the US bases in Japan. The governor requested review of the SOFA, and requested establishing a new agreement if revision to the current SOFA is not possible.

Mr Miyagi said that Governor Nakaima's visit was scheduled several months before President Obma's tour to Asia including Japan. The governor visited the well known Cell Phone repair company, Aslion (?) at their Nashville main office as he wants to invite the company to Okinawa.