Komeiji Takes Up the President's Post New Officers of HUOA Took an Oath

(Ryukyu Shinpo, January 11, 2010)

The 60th Installation Banquet and annual Uchinanchu of the Year Awards ceremony was held at the Okinawa Center on December 12 attended by about 600 people of the member clubs.
First on the stage, outgoing HUOA president Ford Chinen and his officers received big hands for their achievement from audience. Then the 2010 HUOA president Paul Komeiji and all officers came up to the stage and took an oath and duly installed by judge Harbert Shimabukuro.

Komeiji became a memer of the Aza Yogi Doshikai under the influence of his wife, Christine 3rd generation of Okinawan, he has contributed significantly to HUOA activities and improvement of the home page.

Komeiji said that we have seen the Okinawan spirits through various events of Okinawa communities. Okinawan culture is not familiar with us yet, but it is important to pass the Okinawan traditional culture from our generation to the next, and maintain the relation with our past history". The theme of HUOA will be "Okagesamade" to carry out the inherited Okinawan spirits and spirits of mutual support to the future

After president's greeting, members contributed to their respective clubs were commended as Uchinanchu of the year, and a champion flag was awarded to winner of each sports league.