WUB-International Panel Discusssion: Future of WUB, Future of Okinawa

The second day of the 11th WUB International Conference in Shanghai China (Sept 19, 2007), included a Panel Discussion led by Bob Nakasone, on the Future of WUB, The Future of Okinawa, with emphasis on the younger generation.

Some photos from the panel discussion can be seen here:

11th WUB International Conference in Shanghai

The 11th WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association) International Conference is being held in Shanghai, China from Sept 18-19, 2007. This year's annual conference is being coordinated by WUB-Shanghai, along with help from WUB-Okinawa and WUB-Tokyo. WUB has 21 Chapters worldwide.

HUOA 25th Okinawan Festival in Hawaii

The 25th HUOA (Hawaii United Okinawa Association) Okinwan Festival was held from August 30 - September 2, 2007, in Hawaii. Many visitors and dignitaries came from Okinawa, as well as from other places such as Georgia, USA.

Photos from BRAZIL!

Photos from Brazil have been posted.

Ricardo Nakata took photos from two recent events in Brazil. The 2nd Kin-Cho Matsuri, and the 90th Oroku Immigration Celebration. Click "READ MORE" to see more sample photos and links to the rest of the photos.

2nd Worldwide Uchinanchu Conference – Brazil August 2008

The 1st worldwide Uchinanchu Conference was held in Hawaii August 29 to September 2, 2003. This is the first time Uchinanchu worldwide gathered together outside of Okinawa. Over 2,000 from outside Hawaii attended.

The 2nd Worldwide Uchinanchu Conference will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil August 22 to 25, 2008, concurrently with the 100 year Brazil Centennial Celebration and the 12th WUB International Conference. Argentina will also be celebrating their 100 year centennial at about the same time.

Mary Nakada's slide show

Enjoy a slide show by APLP Scholarship Recipient Mary Nakada from Peru!
Read more about Mary and her award below ...

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