Okinawa-Hawaii High School Exchange Program

Promote Friendship & Understanding of Different Culture
High School Students Exchange Program with Hawaii
(Okinawa Times, June 9, '08, Translation: Robert Kishaba)
A welcome party for 20 high school students and 4 leaders from Hawaii, visiting Okinawa under the 18th Okinawa-Hawaii Students Exchange Project was held at the Prefecture Youth Center in Naha on June 8, joined by students from Okinawa, family members accepting their home-stay, and officials from the Educational Bureau.

The group will stay in Okinawa until June 20, they will experience the school life in Okinawa, promote understanding of a different culture, and deepen the tie with host families. Their schedule includes a visit to the Shuri Castle and Peace Memorial Musium. In March of this year, children of the host families in Okinawa went to Hawaii under the same project.

Each student made self-introduction in Japanese at the party, and the both sides sang their local songs.
Jessica Doctor (?) (15, Radford High) who is going to stay with Wakana Higa (17 Misato High) said " I am very excited, I want to visit many places and make many friends" Higa said "I like to introduce her to Okinawan foods, culture and nature, I know very little English, but I want to make it a memorable event for us".

Morikazu Nakamura, BOE Superintendent, greeted them, " Even it is a short period, I want you to learn unique Okinawan culture and tradition, I want you to learn history and meaning of peace and promote mutual friendship throu