Oseibo-Set by WUB Okinawa For markets out of Okinawa

(Translated by Robert Kishaba from an Okinawa Times article, November 13, 2009)

The business network of Okinawan, Worldwide Uchinanchu business Association (WUB,Okinawa) started selling a original oseibo gift set made up of members' products (Oseibo = a customary year-end gift to relatives, friends, sponsors and so on) on Nov. 11. This is the first project of gift set to promote members' close relationship, limited sales to public 500 boxes handled by the net "Okinawa ichi".

The set is intended for imaginary customers outside of the prefecture, included are Orion Beer, Nuchi maasu (salt), sesame chinsukoo, dressing, and black sugar with the Takashima 2010 divination published by a member of the WUB Kansai. President, Higashi Yoshikazu said that we have packed products made by Okinawa's well represented companies,
it's the best gift set for people in other prefectures, We want to expand it to an antenna-shop system for members' products in future.

The pictorial design of the box is Blue sea of Okinawa and red WUB scarves which give an image of the Shuri Castle. Writing [We are delivering high-spirited products to you] on the box is written by Takesaki Kunii, calligrapher and Administrative Officer of WUB Okinawa.