Governor Nakaima of Okinawa visited Hawaii

Governor Nakaima Hirokazu of Okinawa Prefecture who has been visiting US since November 4 attended the reception held at the Okinawa Center at 6:30 PM on Nov. 9. He chat with people of Hawaii's Uchinanchu communities. While he is in Hawaii, he visited the newly established Okinawa Study Center in UH Manoa.

Komeiji Takes Up the President's Post New Officers of HUOA Took an Oath

(Ryukyu Shinpo, January 11, 2010)

The 60th Installation Banquet and annual Uchinanchu of the Year Awards ceremony was held at the Okinawa Center on December 12 attended by about 600 people of the member clubs.
First on the stage, outgoing HUOA president Ford Chinen and his officers received big hands for their achievement from audience. Then the 2010 HUOA president Paul Komeiji and all officers came up to the stage and took an oath and duly installed by judge Harbert Shimabukuro.

Oseibo-Set by WUB Okinawa For markets out of Okinawa

(Translated by Robert Kishaba from an Okinawa Times article, November 13, 2009)

The business network of Okinawan, Worldwide Uchinanchu business Association (WUB,Okinawa) started selling a original oseibo gift set made up of members' products (Oseibo = a customary year-end gift to relatives, friends, sponsors and so on) on Nov. 11. This is the first project of gift set to promote members' close relationship, limited sales to public 500 boxes handled by the net "Okinawa ichi".

Okinawa-Hawaii High School Exchange Program

Promote Friendship & Understanding of Different Culture
High School Students Exchange Program with Hawaii
(Okinawa Times, June 9, '08, Translation: Robert Kishaba)
A welcome party for 20 high school students and 4 leaders from Hawaii, visiting Okinawa under the 18th Okinawa-Hawaii Students Exchange Project was held at the Prefecture Youth Center in Naha on June 8, joined by students from Okinawa, family members accepting their home-stay, and officials from the Educational Bureau.

Dispatching Fascination of Ryukyuan Koto music to the world

Dispatching Fascination of Ryukyuan Koto music to the world
Public Performance scheduled by Koto Preservation Group
(Okinawa Times, June 4, '08, Translation: Robert Kishaba)

Serafim 1st Director of Okinawa Study Center, University of Hawaii

Okinawa Study Center, University of Hawaii
Dr. Serafim will be the first director.
Expressed strong volition to promote exchange
with the prefecture
(Okinawa Times, May 2, '08, Translation: Robert Kishaba )

Taira New President of WUB Tokyo

Taira for President of WUB Tokyo
WUB, Tokyo participates in the Brazil Taikail
(Okinawa Times, May 30, '08, Translation: Robert Kishaba)
The Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB) Tokyo held the '08 general membership meeting on May 28 '08, in Tokyo, established the business schedule for the coming year, and selected new officers. The newly elected president is Chikoo Taira (44) from Naha, The current president, Tameyasu Nagamine will be the honorary president.

The Importance of Peace (The Okinawa Festival in Hawaii)

Original article from the Ryukyu Shimpo (September 2007):

Okinawa (Hawaii) [The Importance of Peace] The Okinawa Festival in Hawaii

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