Strongman Triathlon: Miyako, Okinawa April 2009

Next year (2009) will be 25th Anniversay of the Strongman Triathlon on Miyako Island Okinawa, Japan. The competition features a 3km swim, 155km bicycle course, and a full-distance marathon run. The event is patterned after the "Grand Daddy" Ironman Triathlon on Kona, Hawaii. The All-Japan triathlon on Miyako Island is an event higly rated all over the world.

The Miyako Planning Committe is focusing on The 25th Anniversay as a special year with all popular Okinawan Hospitality. Gary Sato (Hawaii resident) a past competitor and International Coordinator for participants wants to take the message and invitation to Brazil, Argentina, Peru and other South American Countries so that athletes will participate and go to Miyako.

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Gary Sato
International Coordinartor
2606 Gardenia St.
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone/Fax (808) 737-2453
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